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Installing Wall Panelling In Your Home

*Disclaimer: within this post I am mainly referring to the wall panelling design we installed in our own home. To view this exact design please check out my Instagram here.

I'm often asked about our wall panelling and the number one question is "how can I install this in my own home?"

Unfortunately there is no easy DIY kit and to be honest not all houses are suited to have panelling placed on their walls.


First I want you to ask yourself what age and style your house is? I have many clients requesting to install the panels however their homes may be a sleek modern design or even mid century modern and panelling simply would just look out of place.

Those houses best suited to the wall panelling we have in our home are:

  • Colonial

  • Edwardian

  • Victorian

  • Californian Bungalows

  • Federation

If you have a Mid Century Modern/Art Deco home wall panelling would still look amazing however I would recommend looking to select more of an Art Deco design.

There is a fine line when it comes to installing panelling in new builds. If the focus of the house is to look like an old period style home or you are installing ornate details such as cornices, architraves and skirting boards our specific panelling design will work. If however you plan to build a sleek modern home I would not recommend our style of wall panelling and instead look to working with a timber cladding or an easy craft vertical product.


Honestly if you don't have carpentry skills I would not recommend tackling this task yourself. Our builder built ours and there was no kit to assemble. It was constructed with MDF and timber beading all purchased from Bunnings. It was then placed on top of the Victorian style skirting we selected from Provans Timber and Hardware in Clifton Hill.

I'm sorry I don't have a step by step process as to how to construct it. I would recommend speaking with your builder and asking them if they have the skills to install the panelling themselves from scratch.

*As a quick side note a list of the paint colours in our home can be viewed here.


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