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Utility Closet Organisation

After we renovated the entire house (almost six years ago) I didn't think we would have the need for storage at the back door. The shoes piled up, our shopping bags, keys and wallets were always dumped on the dining table and I quickly realised how wrong I was.

Fast forward to the present day and we now have a newly built utility closet which of course means I get to have fun organising it.

Below is a list of the products I added to organise the closet. If you ever need a little help organising your own closets/pantry I do also offer a service where I can do this task for you. Just send me an email at


White Wire Baskets - Little Label Co

First Aid Tin - Amazon

Flat White Box With Lid - Ikea

Desk Drawers - Kmart

Key Hooks - Amazon

White Plastic Basket - Kmart

The Handbag is Burberry


  • Somewhere to store our keys, wallets and sunglasses. This is where the small plastic storage basket paired with a key hook was added to one of the lower shelves.

  • A place to add all the junk drawer items. The items included but are not limited to pens, batteries, rubber bands and reusable shopping bags. The desk drawers were a perfect solution to give each of these items their own area to be stored.

  • An area to house all our paperwork. This often includes bills, receipts, prescriptions and more. Again the desk drawers were a great storage solution for the paperwork.

  • Additional grocery items like toilet paper, paper towel and cleaning supplies needed a home and the baskets from Little Label Co were by far the stylish solution.

Please if you have additional questions regarding our utility closet send me a DM on Instagram and I'd be happy to respond. x


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