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Underfloor Heating Pro's and Con's

Over the years when I've mentioned adding underfloor heating to a clients house I'm often hit with the following statements:

"Oh it's soooo expensive to run."

"I've heard it's super difficult to install."

"It doesn't heat the entire room. I'd prefer to look at other heating options."

"I have no need to heat a bathroom, kitchen, living room floor."

There seems to be an illusion that underfloor heating comes with a world of negative assumptions attached which is just totally wrong.

As someone who has underfloor heating in both her bathrooms (one 7 years old and the other a recent renovation) I can hold my hand on my heart and say it's an amazing product that I couldn't live without.


We personally decided to install under tile heating in both our bathrooms due to the attractive price and easy install.

Many assume underfloor heating is suited just for bathrooms, however if you have hard floors such as tile, floorboards or concrete and live in a cold climate, I would highly recommend installing underfloor heating. It not only heats the floor it also heats the entire space.

TIP: look to install the kit in wet areas such as a shower floor. Who doesn't love toasty toes when you shower?


If you select to install the product yourself the kit will arrive via courier in a box with easy to read instructions.

After mapping out the area in which you would like the flooring to run it's as simple as rolling the mat out and sticking it to the floor.

TIP: underfloor heating MUST be installed before you decide to lay your flooring surface. It's a decision that needs to be made before any tiles, carpet, concrete or floorboards are laid.

Please note that you will need to speak with both your tiler, builder and water proofing trades about the heating kit before they start renovating the room as the heating kit can add a slight raise to your flooring height which needs to be accounted for.


To work out a price for the kit it's as simple as emailing your floor plans to the supplier and they will respond with a quote and heat plan. You have the option to install the kit yourself or have install it for you. Please note that if you do install the kit yourself a licensed electrician will still be required to wire up the thermostat.


The system is really easy to manage. There is an option to set the system to run at specific times and for specific lengths of time. We often have our ensuite set to come on at 6:30am. It runs until 8:30am which allows the space to warm up before we need to have our morning shower before we head off to work.

There is usually also an option to purchase a thermostat that has wifi access so as you can operate the heating from an app on your phone.


If you live in an area that gets below freezing there is an anti frost option that will protect your floors from freezing.

I also can't forget to mention the boost button which is where you can boost the system to activate immediately and will run for exactly 1 hour only before turning itself off. I often use this setting when we have visitors staying who need to use the bathroom.

So overall the pros and cons are:


Comparable in price if not cheaper than other heating options to add to a house

Easy to install

Quiet to run as it's completely silent

Settings are easy to use

The product heats the entire room plus throws heat out into other spaces around it

Reasonably cost effective to run


Honestly I haven't experienced any issues and can't find any con's to list

Also if you have any questions regarding the product that that you would like me to personally answer, just email me at or send a DM via Instagram.


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