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Ensuite, Powder Room & Bedroom Wardrobe

The client had a strong vision for what he wanted. A black, white and grey pallet, a nib wall in the shower for privacy, to keep the existing brick tiled window however minimise the size of it and to add lots of storage in the vanity and overhead shaving cabinet mirrors.

When designing a bathroom it's imperative to position the bath, vanity or shower on the opposite side of the entrance. This creates a  positive visual point as you enter the room, rather than a negative visual point such as the toilet.

By framing the shower screens in a black trim and positioning the niche and shower accessories in the middle of each glass panel the shower not only sits symmetrically but is a stunning view to see as you walk into the space. 


When planning the layout we decided to separate the master bathroom into two rooms. One being a powder room accessed from the hallway and the second an ensuite accessed via the master bedroom wardrobes. 

The monochrome pallet means the bathroom will forever be a blank canvas moving through the years of coming and going fad's. Colourful or tonal decor pieces can be swapped out to change the look and feel of the room without having to make any expensive layout or fixture updates in years to come.


Before The Renovation

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