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Renovation or New Build Guidance


"When your home looks impressive it is impressive!"

Hi I'm Lisa McInnes-Nelson the founder of Gathering Walls.

You may have come across from my Instagram profile which is where I upload my home and renovation tips and tricks. With a self developed passion for all things renovating and styling, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and expertise with those who may be renovating or styling their home for the first time.

Renovation or New Build Guidance 

Are you looking to take on a renovation or new build? If the answer is yes I'm sure you have thought about hiring a builder, electrician and plumber but have you thought about a renovation consultant to guide you with the design and style of your new home? 

At Gathering Walls I offer the following assistance during a renovation or new build:

Consulting - just need some general advice? Often clients just need to know they are on the right track with a one off consult. I'm happy to meet with you on site or chat via zoom and provide advice and guidance. Please note this option does not include design plans or information on where to purchase products. It is just a general consultation to evaluate the renovation or new build and the current plans that are in place. I provide advice so as you can sleep easy that you are making the best decisions for the style and design of your new home. 

Plan evaluation - have you had a draftsman draw up your renovation plans however you are not 100% sure they are on point? I'm happy to look over those plans to double check you are on the right track before you start knocking down walls. 

New home selections - are you building a new home and need someone to attend the appointment with you to make all the decisions regarding fittings and fixtures? I'm happy to spend time with you at the display centre discussing the best design decisions for you.

Project Management - are you working full-time and have no time to take on managing your renovation or new build? I can be that person who can have as little or as much control as you need when making all the decisions required. 


So often the interior design step is overlooked and seen as an unnecessary trade to hire as it's viewed more as a luxury rather than a necessity. In saying this are you aware by hiring someone to assist with your interior selections, you can actually save money? 

If you were to work with Gathering Walls I have my go to product suppliers who provide high quality products at the best price negotiable. So why wouldn't you want to invest a little bit of money in someone who will to save you money? 


Design and Styling

A beautifully designed home starts with a plan. Maybe you have a beautiful house that just needs updating as your furniture is old and dated. Maybe you have a budget and don't know where to start. At Gathering Walls I take the time to work out what's best for you and your home. I can walk you through finishes and colour pallets and provide you with mood boards and product purchase lists all while working with your set budget. 


Content Creation

Are you a brand looking to collaborate? Maybe you are looking for someone to shoot content for your own feed. If so please feel free to reach out for a chat as I work with a number of companies to either promote their products on my own platforms or provided them with some amazing shots to promote via their personal platforms. To view examples of past collaborations please click here.

Disclaimer: It is essential for me that any brand collaboration is authentic and relevant to my audience. I choose these collaborations very carefully to ensure the best outcome so please don't be disappointed if after reviewing the proposal I may pass just because it may not be the right partnership for Gathering Walls. 

Design and Styling
Instagram Growth
Content Creation
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