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Paint Colours In Our Home

The number one question I am asked on my Instagram page is "what are the paint colours you have used?" So I thought I would list each one below...

Interior Walls (everywhere except the bathrooms and guest bedrooms) - is the following colour code:



EE: 0Y 14

G: 0Y 3

M: 0Y 16

Description: it's a very subtle grey.

Side note: we chose the paint colour Polar Bear #1 from Haymes however so many people have had issues with this colour and depending on where it's mixed tend to receive a cream tone rather than a grey shown in our own home. This is why I have listed the exact colour match above and what we have so as there is no longer any confusion.

Double feature doors in master bedroom/walk in wardrobe/ensuite - Dulux Deep Storm.

Description: a very dark navy charcoal gunmetal colour.

Side note: in my Instagram photos it is hard to capture the true colour of the doors as many think they are black.

Dulux Vivid White

Wainscoting (wall panelling) and all trims - Taubmans Oil Based Enamel in Vivid White.

Description: Vivd White is super popular here in Australia. It's a crisp white that looks amazing in all styles of homes.

Side note: Vivid White when applied as an enamel gloss starts to go a little creamy over time. If you are not happy with this look don't have it mixed as an enamel gloss.

Guest bedroom #1 - Misty Blue

Description: a moody gunmetal navy blue that is still light enough not to look black.

Guest bedroom #2 - Dulux Palmerin.

Description: the perfect dark green.

Ceilings - Taubmans Tradex Matt White Ceiling Paint.

Description - the whitest of white ceiling paints we could locate.

Disclaimer: I recommend always purchasing a test pot and paint a sample on a number of walls to get a true reflection of how each shade looks in darker and lighter parts of your home.

The samples above will also look different on each computer screen and however hopefully with my descriptions I have provided as much detail as possible to assist with your own paint selections.


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