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Hanging A Canvas With Command

I'm not a fan of nailing hooks into the walls of my home especially when I'm so indecisive and like to move things often.

Now for those of you who have been living under a rock and not heard of Command Hooks then listen up. These products are the ultimate items each and every home should be littered with across every room. When you need to hang some artwork or maybe a wreath on your front door Command Hooks should be your go to.

So many of you would be aware that I recently decided to make my own art. Now I'm no artist and if you are interested in reading all about how I did that you can click here. Now after finishing the pieces I needed to hang them in my dining/kitchen area and there was no way I wanted to add any holes to my wall.


1 x Grey Lead Pencil

1 x Ruler or Tape Measure

After we measured up the back two corners of the canvas we then mapped out the same distance on the wall where the Command Canvas Hangers would be stuck. I've made a couple of short video's which you can view be heading to my Instagram page and clicking on the highlight titled 'Command Brand'.

Now if you are like us and don't measure twice and stick the hangers in the incorrect place they can be easily removed by pulling the sticky tab down the wall until it is completely unsticks. There will be no marks or damage to the surface. You can then grab a new sticky tab and reapply in the correct spot.

And just like that I have three canvases hanging seamlessly on the wall with no sign of a hook or nail. The Command Canvas Hanger brackets are hidden behind the canvas and will stay there until I'm ready to remove these pieces.

Added tips:

  • Make sure you wipe the surface down with a cloth to remove any dust before adding the sticky tabs.

  • When applying always measure twice to double check you are placing the sticky tabs in the correct position for your art to hang straight.

  • If removing the sticky tab ALWAYS pull down the wall and not towards you as this can result in a nasty flick to the hand that hurts.

  • If the Canvas Hangers are not the right fit for your hanging needs there is a whole range of Command products that you can select from.

Please note this post has been in partnership with Command.


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