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Making Over A Canvas

For over 3 years I have been looking for the perfect piece of art to place on the wall in the kitchen/dining area. I have invested in a number of pieces however each time we hung those pieces they just didn't feel right. So I decided to take on the task of making my own art. These canvases may only fill the space until I come across my dream art piece(s) or maybe they might live in our house forever. Time will only tell.

Kmart Canvas


3 x Kmart canvases

1 x paint brush

9 -12 x Jo Sonja Titanium White Paint tubes or any other paint you see fit.

1 x box of tissues

1 x bottle of PVA glue

1 x roll of masking tape

Jo Sonja Paint

The canvases I purchased on sale at Kmart for $5 each. For such a low price I was happy to take a risk as the investment was super low.



Mask up the timber frame with masking tape so as not to get any paint on it.


Grab your paint brush and roughly paint a layer of the paint over the original artwork design. I found two coats were needed to cover the original image.


Squeeze a large amount of PVA glue onto a plastic surface such as an ice cream container lid. Along side the glue you will need a glass of water.


Select a tissue from the tissue box and run it under a cold water tap. Gentle squeeze the excess water from the tissue and lay in over the canvas. Then take the paint brush and dab it into the glue. Before placing the bristles on the canvas slightly add the tip of the paintbrush in the glass of water to dilute the glue on the brush.

*If you place the glue directly onto the canvas it will only rip the tissue. You need to water down the glue to be able to freely stroke it over the top of the tissue.


Completely cover the canvas with the tissues while also covering each tissue in a layer of glue.

*Apply the glue with each tissue you lay on the canvas. Don't wait until the canvas is covered in tissues to apply the glue. By waiting the tissues will have dried and the glue is almost near impossible to paste over a dry tissue.


Apply as many layers of tissues as you see fit. The more layers you add, the more texture and creases the artwork will form.


Paint a final layer of paint over the dried tissues. Please be extremely rough. A dabbing motion is better to continue the peaks where as a stroking motion will only leave lines across the artwork.

*If your canvas material starts to bubble (shown below) as you add more paint please don't be concerned. The bubbles will flatten once the paint and glue dries.


Hang your artwork with Command Canvas Hook. A step by step blog has been written on how to do this and can be viewed here.

To view a how to video I have also saved the steps in my Instagram highlights.

*Please note this is not a paid or sponsored post. All the items used were paid for by myself.


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