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Dior Book Tote Review

Each time I share my Dior Book Tote via my Instagram stories I receive at least two or three direct messages asking what I think of the bag and whether I love it. So I thought it was fitting to write a blog post as others may also be interested in my review.

Size: Large 41.5cm x 35cm x 18cm.

Colour: Blue Dior Oblique Embroidery

Purchased from: Collins Street Dior Boutique Melbourne

Use: Due to the large size of the tote I really only utilise it when I'm working (to carry my laptop and diary) or when I'm travelling which unfortunately I'm not doing a lot of these days.

If you were looking for an everyday handbag I would recommend looking for something smaller and lighter. It's a little difficult to throw this tote over your shoulder due to it's large size, heavy weight (when filled) and small handles.

Cost: this isn't a bag for the faint hearted. It's expensive and looks to be continuing to go up in price as time goes by. I paid $4100 however the current price as at February 2022 is at $5000.

When it comes to cost per wear it probably doesn't work out to be very cost efficient.

In saying that I do plan to have this bag for life and would like to pass it down to someone special so the high price point was warranted in my eyes.

Quality: the quality is impeccable and as I selected the navy blue design it hasn't looked worn or soiled at all after use. If it has any marks I wouldn't know as the fabric hides it well.

The handles which are held regularly haven't worn. I was worried the fabric would wear however after almost 2 years they still look new.

Style: when it comes to style I'm always drawn to a large over the shoulder bag. I have a lot of unnecessary items that I carry around daily so I appreciate a bag that can hold them all. This bag 100% does that.

The structure is stiff and the handles don't really bend. It might have been nice if there was on option to add a larger over the shoulder strap to be able to carry it multiple ways but honestly it's ok and maybe not something others miss.

Inside: there are no pockets. The bag is one big opening. Due to this I decided to purchase a felt bag organiser in an xlarge brown. I couldn't get navy at the time however honestly no one sees the insert so having it in brown hasn't been an issue.

Overall star review: Out of 5 stars I would rate the bag a 4. I love the colour, fabric, structure and durability. The only thing is that it's a very high price point and the bag really can't be used as a day to day bag.

So that's my overall review. Please if there is anything I have forgotten to mention feel free to send me a DM on Instagram or leave a comment here on this blog post.

Image #1 is from the Dior website.

Image #2 was captured by myself in my home.


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