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The Perfect Dried Centrepiece

I have shared my dried flower centrepiece that sits on my dining table via Instagram many times and each time I'm asked to provide specifics based around how I have made it.


The vase I feel is the star of the show. I selected one that has it's own stand which sits it higher up off the table to showcase the arrangement more than if it was directly on the table. I purchased mine from Kmart which is no longer available however if you google 'vase on stand' there is an array of vases available which are similar.


Dried Cotton - my absolute favourite item to put on display in my house due to it's colours white and brown. Purchase it from your local florist and if they don't have it on display ask to see if they can order some in for you.

Lavender - as it usually keeps it's purple colour after drying I love to use Lavender. I also love the fragrance. To find some Lavender I would recommend taking a walk around your neighbourhood. Often nature strips and parks have a large supply or why not ask a friendly neighbour.

Pampas - a type of grass once considered a pest. Now it seems to be super popular for styling in the home. Available all year long as it is basically a dried weed. Just ask your florist.

Sea Holly (purple thistle) - this was a gamble as I wasn't sure how it would dry however some of the flowers have kept their colour and I love the look of the spiky thistle. It's usually available all year long however you may have to ask your florist to order this in for you as it can be hard to locate across many florists.

Gumnuts - also a favourite in my home. I love the green/blue tones along with the super cute gumnuts that hang down from the stems. You can only get these when they are in season which I believe is the first half of the year so just ask your local florist.

Random sticks - mine are basic twigs which I found on my parents property out of town. Keep an eye out on local walks to see if a tree has dropped some branches to the ground. If not your florist can also assist you by ordering some in.

Please tag me if you decide to try this arrangement as I would love to see it!


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