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Tiny House Makeover

I've been on the hunt for a gorgeous little dolls house for my niece however couldn't find one that I loved the design and colour of.

Of course I decided to take things into my own hands and started looking for a pre-loved wooden house I could make over myself. Of course it didn't take long until I located this overly bright pink beauty covered in pen marks on Facebook Marketplace. The actual brand of the house is Le Toy Van which often retails for around $200 AU however you should be able to locate one for around $25-$40 secondhand.

To save on paint I raided the shed and decided on the following colour pallet:

Exterior Walls - Haymes Polar Bear #1 (previously used on our own home interior walls).

Windows & Shutters - Dulux Vivid White in high gloss (previously used on our interior wall panelling and trims).

Roof - Taubmans Canyon Black (previously used on our exterior fence).

Of course I totally underestimated the length of time it would take me to paint the house. 15 hours later (across three days) with 5 coats (3 undercoats and 2 top coats) I had the gorgeous little dolls house which I had dreamt up in my mind to suit the style of our home.

I've since been asked if I would look into doing this as a side hustle and sell them. Unfortunately as they take soooo long to paint due to the detailing around the windows I can't see there will be a profit in it. I would however love to hear from you if you yourself decide to tackle your own dolls house renovation.

Also for those looking for furniture to fill their tiny house I have found Kmart to be the best priced and quality.


So call me crazy but I recently undertook a second dolls house make over so my niece had one at her home and one here at ours. Below is a pic of the two together.


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