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Adorable Easter Decorating

With Easter upon us of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to upload a super cute Easter Egg decorating tip.

This year I've been super busy so had limited time to decorate the house for Easter. I still wanted to post a little something on Instagram so I put my thinking cap on and came up with something I could put together with the items I already had in the house. I actually also believe this would be a sweet little hack to do any time of the year if your kids love hard boiled eggs. Drawing faces on the eggs is such a fun way to make meal time interesting.

What you will need:

1 x Faber-Castell PITT artist pen or a similar fine tip black pen.

1 x roll of double sided tape (normal sticky tape could work as well).

1 x carton of eggs.

1 x metre of ribbon (colour of your choice).

Optional: egg cups to place your eggs in to display.

Black Fine Tip Pen

Double Sided Tape

Black Ribbon


Make sure the eggs are dry. Take the fine tip pen and start drawing faces on your eggs. The ink will smudge so make sure you don't touch the area you have just drawn.


Tie your ribbon around the top of the egg and create a bow.


Cut a tiny piece of double sided tape and place about halfway down the back of the egg. This will hold the ribbon in place. As a side note you don't have to add a ribbon if the eggs are being eaten as hard boiled eggs.


Place on display in an egg cup or maybe in the centre of a beautiful Easter table display.

*Please feel free to tag me on Instagram if you try this super cute Easter Egg decorating tip.


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