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Laundry Chute Design

When we renovated our home we really wanted to think outside the box and incorporate ways that would save us time and improve efficiency.

One of these ideas was installing a laundry chute from the master bedroom that lead down to the laundry below.

As the laundry was extremely small it was a challenging task to design a chute which would successfully hold the dirty laundry while also being small enough to not encroach too much on the laundry itself.

Originally I had envisioned the chute door would be installed in the bedroom wall however we had issues with the wall cavity being wide enough so instead we worked with our flooring company Kustom Timber and together came up with a design which would instead sit in the floor as a trap door beside my bedside table.

The actual chute was built to the side of the laundry so as when the clothing overflowed out of the chute it would then fall onto the laundry bench. Having said this not once has it flowed over onto the bench as it instead tends to stack itself up the tunnel of the chute rather than overflow.

A question I'm regularly asked is how safe is the chute especially with small children? As we don't have children it's not currently something we have to worry too much about. The chute would be big enough for a toddler to fall down and to be honest our cat sometimes tries to slide in under the door while I'm throwing laundry down however it's not something we currently are concerned about. If we did feel the need to be concerned we would simply add a latch which is childproof to the hatch door so as it couldn't be opened easily.

Measurements and specifics.

Length of chute: 2200cm

Width of chute: 37cm

Depth of chute: 42cm

Basket measures: 31cm deep x 41cm wide x 36cm high

Chute door measures: 30cm deep x 35cm wide

Basket - purchased from Kmart approximately 3 years ago and I'm sorry they no longer stock this exact laundry basket.

Handle - second hand that we reused originally from an Ikea flatpack wardrobe.

Bedside drawers - I repurposed myself after purchasing them second hand off Gumtree. I will be sharing a post soon via my blog with the steps as to how I undertook this task.

*If you have any questions regarding the chute or anything else you have seen via my blog please don't hesitate to send me a DM on Instagram or comment on one of my posts. x


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