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Organising The Pantry

I'm often asked to share images of my pantry via my Instagram page @gatheringwalls

and when I do an influx of direct messages come through asking for product details.

I thought I would pop everything in a blog post so you may refer back if need be over time.

So I'm obsessed with organisation and I have to say planning my pantry was so much fun. That may sound crazy to many but when my house is organised I feel my life is more organised and less chaotic.

When selecting the layout and container choice my main priorities were...

- Having access to everything without having to reach over products or containers.

- Of course everything had to be white to match my kitchen.

- I wanted to work within a budget that didn't max out my credit card.


Labels (Font #13) - Little Label Co

White and black wire baskets which we placed up high for storage of our poisonous chemicals out of reach of little fingers - Little Label Co

Containers that hold all our dry products such as flour and sugar - Ikea small and large

White plastic tub used to hold products such as spices, vitamins and biscuits - Ikea Tillsluta Tub which unfortunately is no longer in stock.

Lazy Susan holds all our jars, tins and bottles - Ikea

White storage boxes used to store powders for healthy shakes - Freedom

Small white bowls which are easy access for nuts and nibbles - Provincial Living

*This post is not an ad however the labels and wire baskets were gifted by Little Label Co while all other products we purchased ourselves.


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