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Kitty Litter Hack

If you have a cat you will know the worst thing apart from the excess cat hair that seems to covers ever inch of the house is the stinky cat litter tray that often sits out in full view for all to see and smell.

With a compact house I had to get creative and thats when I decided to combine the kitty litter and laundry cabinetry. Yes I did receive strange looks from the builders and cabinetry team when I showed them the design however the same guys have said they may even do the same in their homes after seeing how well the hack turned out.

Scroll down to follow the steps on how to construct the kitty litter hack.


If you have an existing litter tray you will need to grab something sharp and cut the front lip of it away from the tray. This then allows the door to swing freely both ways without hitting the tray.


Head to Bunnings or a pet store and purchase a cat door big enough for your cat however small enough to fit within the space of the cabinetry. I purchased the Hakuna Pets small white super tough pet door from Bunnings and had our cabinet maker insert it on the laundry cabinet door. As a side note the door itself is a push open without a handle or larch so the panel looks like it's fixed under the laundry sink.


Leave the cabinet door open for the cat to sniff out the tray. Over time it will become familiar with going to the toilet within the cupboard. You may have to remove the small door flap for a few days just so the cat feels comfortable with walking through the hole however after a week or so they should be ok with the set up.

Disclaimer: my cat has no problem going into the litter when the washing machine is on. I obviously can not predict if your cat will be as comfortable or not with this exact same set up.


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