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Varnishing The Deck

Back in the day we would stain or varnish our back deck (also known as a porch or verandah for those reading this in other counties) each Summer. We would select a standard decking oil which would be a specific wet look stain however it would never look wet after application and even after multiple layers it would still not be the look we were after.

A couple of years ago we decided to try a marine grade varnish instead of an oil. We were aiming for a high gloss look that would make the deck look wet all year long and wouldn't need as many applications. We selected the Bondall Monocel Gold Marine Clear Timber Varnish. As it's aimed to be used on boats it is thick and weathers well.

The instructions state to apply 3 coats however as I applied it with a paintbrush I could apply a thick coat and have only ever had to apply it once. This single coat has lasted well over two years and only now have I applied a second coat.

The maintenance is 5 star. The dirt, dust and water sits on top of the boards and doesn't soak into the timber so it's also super easy to sweep, mop and hose down.

The product can be purchased at most hardware stores however I have linked it to Bunnings above.

*Please note we paid for this product ourselves and this is not a paid partnership but instead a post sharing what we have found works for us.


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