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How To Sign Up For Market Research

Recently I shared on my Instagram stories that I undertook a Market Research session.

My DM's were flooded with how someone can join and more personally how one can be selected to participate.

Firstly I'm not a professional Market Research attendee so I don't know all the in's and out's however I did think I would place the information I did know into a blog post just so those that are interested have a starting point.

Companies I have personally signed up to:

I also put the call out on Instagram and asked for companies that others utilised and this is the response I received:

What have I learnt when signing up to Market Research?

It's easy money. Often you are paid in the form of an EFTPOS gift card and on the odd occasion money is handed to you in an envelope as you leave an in-person session.

How do I find out about the sessions?

If you are keen to undertake sessions regularly you must sign up to all the email alerts and Facebook accounts. Sometimes the applications are only open for a short period of time so if you are not quick you may miss out on applying.

Where are the sessions held?

Pre Covid the sessions were 90% in-person and 10% via Zoom. Since Covid it's more like 70% Zoom and 30% in-person.

Tips when applying?

When applying make sure you are honest. Don't lie on the application as often you won't get selected as they are looking for a very specific individual to attend.

How much are you paid?

This really depends on the company who is running the session. Usually it's around $60-$100 per hour.

How long do the sessions go for?

The longest session I have attended was for 2 hours however usually they run for 60-90 minutes and sometimes have a pre homework task to complete before the session begins.

What types of things do you research when involved in a group session?

Honestly it can be anything. I have taste tested meat pies, viewed a range of brand new SUV cars and given advice on a beer campaign. Sometimes you are testing a product while other times you are just viewing marketing material and providing your feedback.

How often do you get selected?

Honestly not often. The companies running the sessions prefer new feedback and often if you have undertaken a session within the last 6 months they won't select you unless they are desperate to make up the numbers.

What type of people attend?

Anyone and everyone. Often I'm in a group where we all have something in common. That could be age, gender, employment or hobbies.

What is it like being involved in a Market Research session?

When attending sessions in-person you will be watched by a group of people behind a two way mirror. If this makes you uncomfortable than I would not bother applying.

Each session whether it be in-person or online is recorded. I was recently told the recordings are destroyed after a few months but still if you have an issue with having your face shown to strangers I again wouldn't apply.

Pre Covid when attending in-person, snacks and drinks were usually provided. It could however be different now. Usually the food and drink was in the form of biscuits, chocolate, fruit, water and juice.

Hopefully this post has provided you with some insight into how to apply and become involved in Market Research. If there is anything I haven't answered please don't hesitate to leave a comment on this post of send me a DM via Instagram.

*Please note this piece is just purely an informational piece guided from my experiences. It is no way affiliated with any Market Research companies.


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