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DIY Wedding Bombonieres

My sister recently held her wedding at my parents property in country Victoria and as the maid of honour I was given a list of tasks. One of those tasks was to assist with the bomboniere (gift given to each guest).

The colour scheme for the event was black and white with green (in the foliage of the flower decor) and chrome cutlery. The decision to give each guest their own bottle opener was the brides idea as she had seen them at Kmart for the bargain price of $1.50 per opener. It was a gift that well and truly came within their budget on what they had allocated to spend on bombonieres.

Putting my thinking cap on I came up with the idea to hack the bottle openers by adding each guests name across them with a Little Label Co name label. This would also allow the bottle opener to have a duel purpose and be placed on the table as the seating place card.

Little Label Co has a huge selection of fonts available to choose from and we ended up selecting #21 as it was clean and fresh and matched with the menu font that had already been selected.

Nat at Little Label Co was phenomenal as she always is. The process of ordering the labels was super easy and the turn around time was well within the allocated time she had given us as a guide.

The guests loved their gifts as they were not something they had seen or received before. As a guide if you were to replicate the same bombonieres for your own guests the overall price would be $4.00 per gift.

Tips we learnt from the process

  • Don't order the bottle openers online as there is no option to select the colour you are after. You will need to visit the store(s) directly.

  • Prepare to visit quite a few Kmart's to make up the numbers of the bottle openers you need. We found Brunswick had a huge stock count however other stores were lucky to have a maximum of 11 in stock.

  • When applying the label place it on and leave it sit for 24hrs before removing the backing tape. This will guarantee the label to stay put. If you try to remove the backing straight after applying the label it's highly likely the label won't stick properly and you will run into issues.

*This post is not a paid post however the labels were so kindly gifted by Little Label Co.


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