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DIY Picnic Grazing Board

With Mother's Day upon us we (the hubby and I) decided to DIY a present for our beautiful mothers.

I had seen these oversized grazing tables being sold online and thought what a great little project it would be to tackle. So we popped down to our local Bunnings and picked up all the necessary items to make this awesome grazing board.

Purchased from Bunnings

4 x hinges with 16mm screws

1 x packet of magnets

Extra items you will need:



Super Glue

Coconut Oil

Clean Rag

Wine Glasses

Tools required to undertake the job:

Drill with drill bit


*if you don't have these tools ask your local Bunnings if they would at least cut the framework out for you.


Measure out the following template on your first board which will make up the top part of the grazing board.

There is no specific way of where you should place your circles. We measured out the board into quarters and decided to place the wine glass holes out on these points. You can add or remove as many wine glass holes as you feel would be best to suit your needs.

The circle for the ice bucket was measured at a 170mm width and cut out with a jigsaw. Tip: the easiest way to draw a perfect circle was to trace a saucepan from the kitchen.


Measure out the legs on the second board. Each leg should be measured as follows... Each leg should measure 300mm x 300mm. A piece measuring 140mm x 140mm should them be removed with a jigsaw (see white space in diagram).


Make your cuts!

Top of the board - requires a hole saw to make the smaller circle cuts while you will need a jigsaw to make the larger ice bucket hole.

Legs - Initially make the cuts with the legs by using either the circular saw or drop saw. Now each end of the legs requires a 45 degree angle cut so they will sit flush on the table (see example below). We used a circle saw set to 45 degree angle for this clamping a bit of straight timber at measurement lining up with the blade to run the saw against to keep a straight line.

Measure out on the legs where the ice bucket will sit. Then use steady hands to cut out with a jigsaw. We did this on both legs so they matched.


Once all the cuts have been made it's time to attach the legs to the top of the board.

Measure (underneath the board) 250mm from each end. This is the point where you will place the middle of the bracket. See example below how the hinges have been attached. Warning!! You will need to mark out where the 16mm screws will be attached and pre-drill the holes. Please make sure you do not drill all the way through the board. Make sure you gauge how thick the board is and how far you can drill before drilling all the way through the board.


Grab the eraser and erase all the pencil markings.


Attach the magnets to the bottom of the board and again on the legs. This will allow the legs to stay attached to the board while not in use for easier storage. Depending on the magnets you purchased this will depend on how they will need to be attached. I would recommend using super glue if they do not come with their own adhesive.


Give the board a light sand especially around the edges where you have made cuts in the timber.


Place a dollop of coconut oil onto a dry clean rag and rub all over the board. This will seal the timber and give it a glossier look. It's also a healthier way to protect the board without putting your food at risk of being contaminated by a highly toxic sealing product.


Place a bow on it and look forward to seeing a big smile on the face of your mum when she receives her handmade project made with love from her very own child for Mother's Day!

Disclaimer: Please note that once you add the coconut oil the timber will darken a little. There is also the option of selecting darker or lighter coloured wood as Bunnings has a huge range all found in the timber section of the store..

Side note: since posting this I have been asked if we would produce these boards for others to purchase. I am currently taking expressions of interest so please email or DM me via Instagram for more information.


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