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DIY Christmas Mantle Styling

Each Christmas I spend a small fortune on new decorations just so I have a fresh design and colour scheme that is new to share on Instagram.

This year however I decided to reuse and repurpose what I had in the cupboards to not only save myself some money but to help the environment by not adding more plastic to my home.

Homemade garland

This is where I improvised with an old Christmas tree. I selected a number of branches and laid them across the shelf. For those looking for their own Christmas Tree to pull apart check out Facebook Marketplace or on a curb during hard rubbish collection days.

Snow Spray

I sprayed the Christmas Tree branches with faux snow which I purchased for $1.50 from The Reject shop. Yes this is one item I did purchase this year.

Gold baubles

I purchased these a couple of years ago from Target and they can be viewed here.

White baubles

The larger baubles are from Kmart and can be viewed here.

Faux Magnolia Leaves

At the edges of the Christmas Tree branch placement I added some faux Magnolia leaves to give the design some difference in colour and texture. I had these in the cupboard but you can purchase your own by emailing A Little Thyme and placing an order.

Gold Candle Sticks

I purchased my metal candle sticks over a year ago from our local thrift store for $2 each. They were bright blue so I gave them a quick spray of gold spray paint. As they are the same size I have placed one on a small plastic cup to give the illusion that one is higher than the other.

Brass Ring Candle Stick

The real deal can be purchased from Great Dane however they are super expensive so I made my own. I had the base (gold candle sticks) from Kmart. The rings are from Spotlight and come in an array of sizes. I had my hubby drill a hole in the side of the candle stick and then glued the ring into the holes.

Other items shown in the photo such as the gold mirror can be located by clicking the tab above 'shop my home' via my website.


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