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Black Tapware Review

I'm often asked about our black tapware and whether I would if I had my time over again place it in my home. The answer is a solid YES! I love our black tapware and can't stop raving about it.

I am well aware in years to come it will most likely go out of fashion as many design trends do however for the moment we absolutely love the look of our collection and won't be looking to replace it anytime soon.


When we purchased our black tapware it was back in 2016. As it was a new product on the market it was an expensive option compared to chrome. Now a few years down the track black tapware is very comparable to the cost of chrome and you won't have to break the bank to afford it.

Shopping Around

There are many options now available. Bunnings stocks some budget options while many big name bathroom suppliers stock a higher price point product. Often it's obvious when looking and feeling each product how different the quality varies.

There are some products which are a lighter material (feels almost like plastic) with a black coating. Often these products won't be as durable and the paint may fade/scratch over time. Look for stainless steel material coated with a black matte powder coating. It will be durable and less likely to have problems.

In saying this by spending more money doesn't always mean you will get a better product. I have come across many bathroom suppliers selling amazing black tapware at very affordable prices. I would always recommend shopping around to get the best price.


I have never come across a tap finish which is easier to clean than a black finish. Once a month I take a microfibre damp cloth and wipe over the entire surface. It removes the dust and makes the taps look sparkling clean. No need for harsh chemical cleaning products and no need for buffing.

Water marks are non existent however this may be as our water doesn't leave residue. It may vary if your water supply has a high level of limescale in it.

Wear And Tear

Black tapware has been promoted to fade over time. I myself can't say I have experienced this myself. After almost three years of use our collection still looks as perfect as the day we installed it. Maybe this is due to the fact I don't use any harsh chemicals to clean and it was a high quality product from a reputable bathroom store.

Final Rating

5 out of 5 stars. I can't fault it and would recommend adding black tapware to your home!


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