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Battery Sensor Strip Lighting

Recently I shared on my Instagram page a battery operated sensor strip light that everyone went insanely crazy over. To a point where many of my followers have told me their local Bunnings has completely sold out.

I did add a Reel sharing how to install the light however I've since received an influx of questions via my DM's so I thought I would answer them via my blog so everyone can refer back when they need to.

What is the product?

Lytworx Montion Sensor LED Strip Light which can be purchased from Bunnings for $10.90.

The length is 1 metre long, the colour is a bright white and the lumens is rated at 180.

How easy is it to install the strip light?

So easy! It literally took me 3-5 minutes. After removing it from the plastic packaging you install the 4 AAA batteries which it comes with, connect the strip to the battery pack and remove the backing from the 3m sticky tape on the back of both the strip and the battery pack. It's then as simple as sticking the light onto the surface and walking away.

Can the strip be shortened? Yes. It can be cut in specific spots to shorten he length. Just stick to cutting where it shows a little picture of scissors on the strip.

How does the light turn off and on?

It has two settings. One is a motion sensor which flicks on once it sensors movement. The sensor light then will stay lite for 15 seconds unless there is continued movement in front of it which then means it will stay on. The second option is manually turning it off and on at the battery pack.

How long do the batteries last for?

At this stage I'm unsure. The instructions don't mention the battery life. I will however come back and update this question after we have used the lights for some time.

Does it come in any other colours other than a white light?

I did see a coloured version (disco lights) however I'm not sure if there are options for a warm yellow or lighting that is brighter or softer than what I purchased.

Where have I placed the lighting in my house...

Under the bathroom vanity, under the handrail of the staircase and I plan to add some to my walk in wardrobe.

Is the light bright enough to light up an entire room?

During the middle of the night when the house is at it's darkest, it's light enough to see where you are going however not bright enough to undertake tasks such as reading.

Where can I locate the light at Bunnings?

Within the kids night-light section.

If you feel I have missed a question please feel free to comment below or send me a DM via Instagram as I would be happy to answer any additional questions.

*please note that this post is not sponsored. I purchased this product myself.


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