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Reviewing Dark Timber Floors

Another very popular question I get asked via Instagram is how do my dark floors wear.

Firstly let me start by sharing the exact details around the flooring we had installed.

Supplied and installed by: Kustom Timber

Colour; Vintage Vineyard

Pattern: Herringbone Parquetry

Size: 150 x 900 x 15/4mm

Product: Engineered Oak

Dust and dirt - we have a cat with white fur. This is the worst if yo have dark timber floors and yes I need to vacuum almost every day. Hair and dust shows up almost all the time however dirt doesn't. My husband can walk through the house straight from the backyard with mud on his feet and I wouldn't know.

Scratches - I have a strict no shoe policy in our home which means the floors still look new even after 2.5 years. I get a tone of grumbles from many who don't understand why they must remove their shoes however I paid a lot of money for our beautiful floors and I would like to keep them perfect for as long as possible. Not to mention I'm also a massive germaphobe.

Cleaning - I never use water directly on the floorboards but instead a product our flooring supplier recommend called Velurex Cleaning Star and the mop used to apply it I purchased from Kmart.

Overall rating - we love our dark herringbone floors. We haven't regretted them for a moment. Yes my poor Dyson vacuum gets a massive workout and I really need to invest in a robot vacuum that works on a timer but other than this there is no question I would recommend this flooring to others.


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